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UCU Scotland calls for the continuation of asymptomatic Covid testing

29 March 2022

UCU Scotland has written to both the secretary of state for Scotland, Alister Jack MP, and the Scottish government higher education minister, Jamie Hepburn MSP, calling for the continuation of asymptomatic testing for Covid-19 and to ensure that we continue to have a test and protect system in place.

Mary Senior, UCU Scotland official, has called the end of free asymptomatic testing 'reckless', and urged the Scottish government  to do all it can to continue what is an effective 'test and protect' scheme at a time when the nation is seeing an 'alarming rise in infections, hospitalisations and, sadly, deaths.'

A copy of both letters can be found below and there has been media coverage of the letters in the Herald newspaper:

Jamie Hepburn MSP, Scottish Government minister for further education, higher education and science responded saying that asymptomatic testing for students and staff will end on 17 April 2022, but that they are developing institution level Covid-19 response committees and that local health protection teams can opt to use asymptomatic testing in the event of outbreaks on campuses if required.  The letter is below.

Alister Jack MP, secretary of state for Scotland, also responded stating that the high cost of asymptomatic testing for government meant that testing was no longer possible, and that government was right to move to guidance given where we are with vaccinations, antivirals, and understanding about managing risk.  The letter is here:

Last updated: 20 April 2022