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Delays to level 2 course cuts are yet more evidence the cuts must be halted

19 October 2022

UCU slammed plans to scrap thousands of level 2 qualifications and said government delays to the cuts show the changes are ill thought through and should now be abandoned.

The union was responding to news that the Department for Education has delayed plans to axe over 3,000 courses.

Earlier this year the government also announced cuts to 160 level 3 courses without any evidence the changes would improve student outcomes.

UCU head of equality and policy Quinn Roache said: 'Delays to government plans to cut thousands of level 2 qualifications show the changes are ill thought through and should be abandoned.

'Ministers already plan to slash more than 100 level 3 courses, including tens of BTECs. These courses are vital entry routes into higher education for working class students and the cuts are being forced through against the advice of education workers.

'Education staff do not want to see yet more courses cut. These are qualifications with well proven outcomes that teachers have spent years delivering. The government has been binning its education ministers with wild abandon in recent months but this doesn't mean well valued courses should be consigned to the scrapheap too.'

Last updated: 19 October 2022