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Branch Delegate Meeting results

1 November 2022

Yesterday we held our Branch Delegate Meeting (BDM) on the next steps of the ucuRISING disputes with delegates present representing almost every branch in the country. These delegates relayed to us the answers to the questions that they have put to you in recent consultation meetings and/or surveys.

The results of the voting, weighted by the size of each branch, are available here. They are very much in line with the members thinking from the survey results. Branches can take huge credit for being so close to the thoughts of our members.

People backed November action but on a smaller scale, the meeting supported offering the employer a chance to negotiate, it was solidly behind an escalation strategy, the view on timing of a marking and assessment boycott was split but crucially branches overwhelmingly voted for a strategy that keeps the union together. 

I am delighted with this because it is very much in line with the strategy paper I put together [6mb]

Our Higher Education Committee will now meet on Thursday to take a final decision on strike action. They'll take into account the survey results and the votes of the branch delegates meeting. I'll also speak at the meeting. My main focus will be unity. 

I also wanted to let you know we have been busy preparing a wider strategy document on leverage we can deliver outside of strike action - keep an eye out for this. To make it a success we will need your buy in.

We are going to take the employer to a place they've never been - political pressure, recruitment, social media, strike building, solidarity events, leverage tactics, student support, public engagement, fundraising and more. 

And finally - we want an agreement. I can confirm that UCEA are seeking a fresh mandate to negotiate with us. This is not guaranteed yet but they sat out the whole dispute last time. The fact they are even considering it is because of our campaign. 

Together we will win this dispute.

In solidarity

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 3 November 2022