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ucuRISING - winning the dispute

UCU Rising - winning the dispute

2 November 2022

Last week you made history. The UCU became the first education union in the UK to win a national strike action ballot since the introduction of the anti-union laws in 2016.

You had your say on the ballot and you have also been having your say, alongside your branches on any potential strike action.  To win a dispute of this magnitude though, strike action can only be part of the strategy and not all of it.

That is why today we are launching a new strategy document for this phase of our campaign, bringing the same level of detail and energy that we brought to winning the ballot to winning these disputes. Our aim is to reach agreement and this strategy will deliver a set of circumstances that give us the most powerful platform we have ever had. 

Employers and university bosses will face action on the ground, investigations into their own backgrounds, local media in their faces, student support for the strikes, active, engaged, and powerful UCU branches, political pressure and more - we will take them to a place they have never been before.

This is just the start. I cannot wait to work with you in the coming weeks and months as we continue to open up the union, increase transparency and accountability and ultimately save our sector. 

This is your union. This is your sector.

Let's get to work.

In solidarity

Jo Grady

Last updated: 2 November 2022