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UCU Rising: strike date announced

17 January 2023

Today we have served notice for our first day of strike action this year, to take place on Wednesday 1 February.

This is the first of 18 days of strike action that has been called by the Higher Education Committee (HEC). Notice for 17 more days of strike action, scheduled to take place during February and March, will be served next week. 

Our employers can avoid more industrial action, but only if we see further movement from them on pay, conditions and pensions. Our ballot result brought them back to the table, your action has delivered an enhanced offer on pay, and we've seen some positive discussions on pensions. But this isn't enough. 

You may have read media reports that many other unions are taking action on this day. Like us these workers face out of control, overpaid bosses, insecure employment, and poor pay. Let me be clear, our aim is to settle our dispute with our employers, but on 1 February you will come together with hundreds of thousands of other workers facing the same issues as you. 

Back your union. Back the action. See you on the pickets. 

Last updated: 18 January 2023