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UCU Rising: marking and assessment boycott commences tomorrow

19 April 2023

Tomorrow sees the commencement of a national marking and assessment boycott in our pay and conditions dispute. This is a huge moment and it is crucial that you are as well supported as possible by your union.   

We have produced detailed resources including:    

This boycott will run until the employers table an improved offer. Let me be absolutely clear though--they will only do that if every single UCU member backs the action. They want to test you. They want to measure the levels of support. They want to judge to see if we have the stomach for this fight. 

Every single step of the way, you have proven them wrong. You have backed ballots. You have backed strike action. And I know full well you will deliver massive backing for this marking and assessment boycott. 

One of the reasons we have been so successful in moving the employer during the last 12 months on a range of issues is our honesty. We have been up front with you. And now we must be again. I know many of you will be receiving emails from the bosses to say they will take punitive measures including up to 100% pay deductions if you support the boycott. 

This shows how desperate they are. I want you to know your union has your back. The fighting fund will be available to assist members and I am also calling on every single UCU member who is not directly involved in this action to donate to the fund.

We cannot be intimidated. We will continue to take legal advice and legal action where required to fight back against these deductions, but the only clear route out of this dispute is an industrial one.    

Support the boycott and we will move them.    

Finally, I wanted to let you know that today delegates at the special higher education sector conference (SHESC) considered a range of proposals regarding our disputes and have voted for additional action in May. A full list of the results and votes can be found here.

The higher education committee (HEC) will meet Friday 28 April to consider these decisions after which a further update will be sent to you all.     

UCU and proud. 

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 26 April 2023