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Update on UCU higher education committee (HEC) decisions

28 April 2023

Today the union's higher education committee (HEC) met to take stock of our ongoing dispute and set out a program of action to maximise pressure on the employer.

At the start of these disputes there was no offer on pensions, pay or conditions. Your solidarity and your action has moved them on all fronts. The key now is to move them further and to a point where we can reach an agreement to settle the dispute.

We are also seeing increasingly bitter and punitive tactics from university bosses who are clearly feeling the pressure of the ongoing marking and assessment boycott. We cannot and will not let them pick off individual groups of members. We are a national union. This is a national dispute.

On the basis of the above, your higher education committee (HEC) decided today: 

  • to continue action, including industrial action if necessary, to support members facing punitive pay deductions 
  • to increase the resources and support available for members engaged in the marking and assessment boycott. 

You can find full campaign resources and support on the MAB web area here.

Finally, it is so important that members continue to back the marking and assessment boycott and the program of actions set out in this email. Once again you are proving the employer wrong. Once again you are taking them to a place they have never been before. Once again - we will move them.

In solidarity 

Jo Grady 
UCU general secretary 

Last updated: 28 April 2023