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Another university backs down from punitive deductions

12 May 2023

It's late on a Friday but I'm bringing amazing news that I know you will want to hear. This afternoon Queen Margaret UCU announced that they have successfully forced management to rescind their threats of 100% deductions. Overturning the threat of deductions is a huge achievement, and I want to say well done to everyone at Queen Margaret UCU, and in all the other branches where we have forced a u-turn on the threat of deductions. These victories are down to the relentless hard work of UCU members, not only in the branches affected, but those of you who are helping heap pressure on employers all around the country.

I also want to recognise the amazing support we are getting from students - who understand that the biggest threat to their education is not strike action, but a business model that underpays staff, and rather than address the reasons staff are striking instead threaten the value of their degrees with reckless mitigations. This week we've seen students speaking in our defence on the news and continuing the send emails to their vice chancellors using our online tool.

Our message is also cutting through in the media. This week we have seen our action covered on ITV Meridian, BBC regional shows in Yorkshire and Scotland, over 50 radio stations and every major newspaper. This is down to you and your branch's determination. And you can catch me tomorrow morning on Times Radio at 8:10AM.

I emailed you last week to let you know that we have ringfenced £250,000 for members facing 100% deductions for taking part in the MAB, and will be making more money available as the dispute goes on. We also continue to encourage members who are not taking part in the MAB to donate part of their salary. If you need to use the fighting fund as a result of MAB deductions, make sure you apply by going through the normal process and stating clearly in the comments that the deduction was wholly for taking part in the MAB.

Keep backing the MAB. Keep backing the union. Keep backing each other.

UCU and proud.

In solidarity

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 23 May 2023