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Business of the education committee

18 May 2023

UCU Congress 2023: Saturday 27 May 2023, 10:15-10:45

Motions have been allocated to a section of the NEC's report to Congress (UCU2068). Paragraph headings refer to paragraphs within this report. CBC has added some new paragraph headings to facilitate the ordering of motions.

Section 1: Business of the education committee (section 4 of the NEC report)

(EP) advisory marking denoting UCU existing policy

1  (EP) Defending and Promoting post-16-education - National executive committee

Congress notes current work of the Education Committee on: 

  1. access to all types of post compulsory education 
  2. Postgraduate Researchers (PGRs) 
  3. Class as a defining factor for post-16 education students and staff 
  4. the professional needs of staff. 

It urges the committee to continue and develop work which will: 

  1. defend and enhance access to post compulsory education and a good post-compulsory admission system for HE; 
  2. promote reform of student funding and challenge government attacks on that funding 
  3. resist attacks on post 16 arts programmes which would deny students the chance to develop their skills and employability 
  4. oppose attempts to restrict staff and student freedoms to teach and learn using dishonest and repressive ideas of academic freedom 
  5. build support for staff facing professional disadvantages and discrimination 
  6. develop our commitment to education and climate change 
  7. continue our successful Cradle to Grave events.


2  Student support  - Scottish retired members' branch 

Congress notes: 

The evidence that students across the UK are facing a deepening financial crisis is mounting fast. Several surveys across the UK, including the National Union of Students, reveal the widespread extent of the problem. This is impacting the ability of students to study effectively and widens further the generational inequality. The NUS student cost of living report of September 2022 concluded, "Unless government and the sector takes action, further and higher education will become closed once again to all but the most 'typical' and privileged". 

Congress urges: 

UCU to review its existing student policies regarding finance, equality and widening participation. In addition, UCU should review the evidence, identify any shortfall in its position, and work more closely with the National Union of Students across the UK to ensure implementation of the necessary changes over the next three years. 


3  Training for jobs to tackle the climate emergency - London retired members' branch 

Congress demands that the Government fully fund courses within the post-16 education sector to train for jobs which will materially contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and other causes of global warming. 

UCU will: 

  1. support involvement by branches given the potential impacts on teaching jobs.
  2. call for the establishment of Retrofit Taskforces at local and regional level with UCU representation to ensure a worker voice on skills development 
  3. work with the Greener Jobs Alliance and other union organisations to publish guidance and pilot courses that will equip UCU Green Reps and Branches to intervene effectively around retrofit and energy efficiency policies.


Last updated: 31 May 2023