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Strike ballot opens at Stanmore College after 'pitiful' 1% pay increase

21 June 2023

A strike ballot over low pay and poor working conditions will open tomorrow at Stanmore College in London.

The college has offered staff a paltry 1% consolidated pay increase alongside a £1.5k one off payment. It has also attempted to reconfigure its offer but the envelope of money available has not changed. The most recent college accounts show the number of senior management earning £60k-£160k doubled from three to six in 2022, representing a £165k increase to the wage bill.   

Current vacancies at the college include an enrichment coordinator for £22k, a trainee lecturer for £24k and lecturer for 30k. The London Living Wage is £23k a year. The college has more than £4m in the bank and the principal earns seven times more than the average staff member. 

UCU regional official Adam Lincoln said: 'Our members at Stanmore College have been left with no choice other than to ballot for strike action after management refused to budge from a pitiful 1% consolidated pay increase. 

'UCU is frustrated at the lack of engagement from senior management with our pay and conditions claim. I have been clear with college employers right across London that the time is long past to fairly reward hardworking staff in a cost-of-living crisis. This college employs some staff on less than the London Living Wage. Our members are on the breadline, 1% clearly does not cut it, and I am confident they will overwhelmingly vote to strike unless the college comes back to the table with a meaningful offer. 

Last updated: 21 June 2023