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New UUK consultation 'deeply disappointing'

2 February 2022

In response to a new UUK consultation of its members on modified USS scheme proposals, UCU general secretary Jo Grady said 'It is deeply disappointing that... the best employers can offer is a temporary suspension of a cap on inflationary increases which, when lifted, would devastate the retirement benefits of thousands of scheme members.'

Also today, UCU's national disputes committee (NDC) gave its strong support for UCU's strike action. In a statement published today [142kb] they say that 'the withdrawal of our labour is absolutely essential if we are to save the USS pension scheme. We continue to endorse the mutual reinforcement of the Four Fights and USS disputes as the two sets of objectives are intrinsically interlinked and coupling greatly increases our leverage on the employers'. NDC also stated their gratitude to 'students, our communities and members across our union and the trade union movement for their solidarity'.

Last updated: 28 June 2023