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Update from talks with UCEA

14 July 2023

UCU's national negotiators and I have just come out of talks with UCEA. Though the meeting was constructive, and while more dates for urgent negotiations have been identified, there is still significant ground to be covered.

Make no mistake: it is thanks to your support that UCEA are back round the table. You held the line in the marking and assessment boycott (MAB) in the face of shameful employer intimidation and pay deductions - that's what has made them blink.

It is more crucial than ever that we remain united behind the MAB. Recent developments have shown that our collective resolve is stronger than that of our employers.

Thanks to the force of the boycott, university bosses are breaking ranks and recognising that this situation is untenable. We stand together, and students stand with us. Like so many of you, I was inspired this week to see students at Edinburgh disrupt their own graduation ceremony in solidarity with us.

Our demands of UCEA are crystal clear, and we will not reach any interim agreement until they are met. 

Please, if you are not part of the MAB and can afford to do so, donate to the fighting fund and to your local hardship fund to continue strengthening our hand.

If we stick together and hold the line, we will win this.

In solidarity

Jo Grady 
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 14 July 2023