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Putting your questions to the Education Select Committee

6 February 2024

Today [Tuesday 6 February 2024] at 11:00am I will be giving evidence to the Education Select Committee in Westminster.

I will be there alongside Raj Jethwa, CEO of UCEA, and David Smy, Deputy Director for Enabling Regulation, Office for Students.

So many of you have been in touch to share your experiences, put forward important questions and share what are quite frankly horrific experiences of working in the higher education sector.

Today, I will relay many of those experiences and ensure your voice is heard, and that those responsible for the state of the sector are held to account.

I will also make sure that the employer is held to account for aggressive union-busting tactics, deployed to punish UCU members for exercising their democratic right to support the marking and assessment boycott. Our union will not take responsibility for their failings. You deserve better. Students deserve better.

Please watch online if you can and make sure you share the clips and content we post on our social media accounts throughout the day.

Watch LIVE here.

In solidarity

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 6 February 2024