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2024 national pay campaign and claim

8 February 2024

UCU's further education committee (FEC) met last Friday and made several important decisions about this year's national pay campaign and claim.  

Last year's 2023/24 campaign was built on UCU's core demands of improving pay, manageable workloads, binding national bargaining and professional respect. This campaign has seen more branches growing their membership, making demands on their employer, running effective campaigns, and winning for members. It resulted in significant pay rises for many FE members - based on the threat of industrial action and actual strike action. But we know it is not enough and we need the employers to go further.

A gulf has opened up between the pay and conditions in FE and in schools. This is a general election year and we will be pressuring all political parties to commit to resolve this. We will be bargaining for a 10% uplift in pay, and a plan to close the gap between school teachers and FE lecturers. FE needs to level up, but not just as a one-off - we want to lock this in with a new national bargaining agreement so no branch or member is left behind.    

This year we will be asking you to get involved to: 

  • build the strength of the union: through asking your colleagues to join the union and getting involved in your branch  
  • campaign and get the vote out during a national industrial action ballot to exert leverage to agree national bargaining with the employers.

We will be organising events nationally, regionally and in branches to meet members and present the strategy. This is your union and we want you to be involved in shaping the campaign.   

After reading this update you may have questions about the FE strategy. We will be developing an FAQ so please send questions and comments here so we can collate, respond, and put on the UCU website. 

In solidarity   

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 9 February 2024