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Ceasefire NOW: take action for Gaza

7 March 2024

Following the horrific scenes we've seen in Gaza in the last few days, it is beyond belief that the prime minister would spend his time criticising the overwhelmingly peaceful Palestine solidarity protests. His empty rhetoric will do nothing to hasten a ceasefire and the return of hostages.

When Michelle Donelan used her office to attack our members, she was forced to retract and she should resign now. Ministers know that they are out of order, out of road, and that our education and research community oppose their culture war ideology.

I wanted to set out some positive things you can do to show solidarity during this time.

UCU will be at the national demonstration in London on Saturday, at noon at Hyde Park Corner (you can meet the trade union bloc at 11.30am, outside the Hilton Hotel on Park Lane). I hope to see as many members with UCU hats and banners there as possible.

You can register for a trade union webinar on Tuesday 12 March at 6.00pm focusing on the impact of Israel's war on the Palestinian education system and featuring speakers from education unions including the UCU president Justine Mercer.

I'd also encourage you to sign the parliamentary petition to create a Palestinian family visa scheme for Palestinian people affected by war

And please visit the UCU Ceasefire Now website for further actions you can take.

Best wishes 

Jo Grady
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 8 March 2024