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UCU statement in support of Diane Abbott

15 March 2024

UCU sends full solidarity to Diane Abbott, whose treatment over the past week has been nothing short of a national disgrace.

Not only did the Tories refuse to return donations from someone who spoke in deeply hateful, racist and misogynistic terms about our longest-serving Black MP, but our Prime Minster refused to call it out and tried to suggest that a feeble apology was enough and should be accepted. 

To add insult to injury, Diane Abbott stood to speak 46 times only to be ignored and then told time had run out. Her treatment at the hands of her own party over several years is also deeply concerning.

We condemn the blatant double standards being applied to Diane Abbott by politicians on all sides of the house, and the actions of this cruel and divisive government in  whipping up racial and misogynistic tensions year after year for their own gain. Enough is enough. 

We stand with Diane in her long-standing fight against racism and misogyny, just as Diane has stood unwaveringly with trade unions for decades.

We call for a full public apology, for Frank Hester to be investigated by police, and his donations to be returned, and for the Labour Party leadership to restore the whip.

Last updated: 15 March 2024