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Ceasefire NOW

Ceasefire NOW!

30 April 2024

Across the world, staff and students continue to speak out and protest against the ongoing siege of Gaza and the Palestinian people.

UCU continues to play a part in the campaign for an immediate ceasefire, justice for the Palestinians, and a full and safe return of all hostages. That is why this Wednesday 1 May, UCU is supporting the workplace Day of Action for Palestine and protesting alongside thousands of workers across the UK to demand that our government stops arming Israel and does more to facilitate a peaceful solution. 

On the previous days of action, along with students, UCU members participated in large numbers. Let's send a message together again. Get in touch with your local UCU branch to find out what protest activities have been organised in your workplace, and tag the @UCU social media accounts into your activities.  

As general secretary, I am pushing for UK colleges and universities to do more to support Palestinian education institutions, staff and students. That support must include reviewing existing institutional investments and partnerships to ensure they are not aiding and abetting Israel's 'plausibly genocidal acts' in Gaza.  

I will also continue to use every platform we have available to push for a ceasefire, an end to the war and occupation, and for the safe return of all hostages. 

Please visit the UCU Ceasefire Now website for further solidarity actions you can take.  

In solidarity

Jo Grady 
UCU general secretary

Last updated: 8 May 2024