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Tackling stress - a health and safety conference

23 November 2006

UCU and College and University Support Network

Thursday 23 November 2006
Britiannia Street Conference Centre

Run in conjunction with the brand new College and University Support Network, this conference is about tackling stress at work. The focus will be on recognising stress, identifying the sources, learning about the tools available to tackle the problem, and developing an action plan. This is an ideal event for health and safety reps and anyone interested in helping UCU improve the working environment.

Featuring a range of speakers and workshops, this conference will be a chance to hear what your union is doing and also an opportunity for you to share experiences and tell us what you want from UCU. Together we will develop a national strategy that can be rolled out locally to ensure that your employer is doing their bit.

Speakers include:

  • Patrick Nash, Chief Executive, College and University Support Network;
  • Dr. Gail Kinman, Senior Lecturer, Psychology, University of Bedfordshire;
  • Michelle Tytherleigh, Research Officer, University of Bath;
  • John Bamford, UCU Health and Safety Consultant;
  • Graham Petersen, Trade Union Study Centre Co-ordinator, South Thames College - to be confirmed;
  • Roger Kline, UCU National Head of Equalities and Employment Rights.

Key objectives:

  • look at the picture across further and higher education
  • learn what the new UCU/CUSN partnership has to offer
  • find out more about the Heath and Safety Executive regulations
  • discover areas of good practice from both a union and institutional perspective
  • share your experiences
  • tell UCU what we can do to support you
  • develop a national strategy to make sure that employers are carrying out their duties effectively.
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