University applications fall is 'no surprise', says UCU

18 October 2006

Figures released today show a drop of 3.7 per cent in the total number of accepted applicants on full-time degrees courses from 2005.

UCU joint general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'It is hardly surprising that the number of applications to university has fallen the same year that students are being charged more to go to university. Staff want to teach students with the most ability and potential, not just those who can afford to go to university.

'We have seen a rise in applications to those universities offering degrees at less than the £3,000 maximum. It is clear that the current funding regime for higher education is unstable, unsustainable and unfair to the many students who do not have bottomless pockets.

'Anyone who really believes that charging more for degrees is the way to accept the most suitable candidates is living in a dream world. Access to university must be based on a student's aptitude and willingness to learn, not what they are willing to pay.'

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