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Disciplinaries, dismissal and redundancy

7 March 2007

Losing your job or being threatened with job loss, for whatever reason, can be one of the most worrying times for any employee.

Whenever this situation arises, UCU can act on your behalf and negotiate with management to ensure that all procedures are followed properly.

When disciplinary action or dismissal is threatened, your employer must have followed appropriate procedures. Although these vary between institutions, normal disciplinary procedures, which may ultimately lead to dismissal, should first include oral, written and final warning stages. You can only be sacked with immediate effect for acts of gross misconduct.

Local UCU representatives can advise and accompany you into any meeting with management when disciplinary action is being threatened or may be a consequence.

If the threat to your job comes through redundancy, which is unfortunately happening with increasing frequency in post-school education because of departmental restructuring or institutional closures or mergers, certain procedures must be followed and, where possible, alternative employment offered.

It is UCU policy to oppose all compulsory redundancies. We have therefore built up a wealth of experience in fighting against such redundancies throughout the UK, and can be of great benefit to both individuals and groups of staff threatened with losing their jobs.

In any of these situations it is important to remember that we can only help you if you are already a member.

Last updated: 26 March 2020