Union slams Manchester University job cuts

16 March 2007 | last updated: 14 December 2015

Members of the Manchester University branch of UCU have slammed university mismanagement and plans for 400 redundancies.

At a packed meeting of the lecturers' union, members strongly criticised the university management and blamed poor decision-making for the institution's £30million debt.

Union officials are in discussion with the university vice-chancellor, Professor Alan Gilbert, about a voluntary severance scheme. However, serious doubt has been cast about the university's ability to create enough redundancy volunteers and therefore the vice-chancellor's absolute assurance that there will be no compulsory job losses.

David Beale from the Manchester branch of UCU said: 'We do not accept these redundancies and the vice-chancellor has yet to make a financial case for them. Despite the vice-chancellor's assurance that there will be no compulsory redundancies, the voluntary severance deal is poor and any job losses will greatly intensify the workloads for those who remain, which is bad news for the staff, the students and the reputation of Manchester University.