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SNP must deliver in office what it promised in opposition

23 May 2007

UCU said today that the Scottish Executive must intervene to stop the proposed closure of Glasgow University's Crichton Campus. Glasgow University announced in February this year that it was halting admission of undergraduates to Crichton campus.

In a letter to Fiona Hyslop, MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Education and Lifelong Learning, UCU Scotland President, Alastair Hunter, says: 'In debates in Parliament you supported Crichton campus and said the University of Glasgow should maintain access and take responsibility.'

The Crichton campus is one area in the last Parliament where there was cross-party support and UCU believes a solution can be found with the consensus of the whole parliament. The union points to motions published today by Elaine Murray MSP and Jim Hume MSP as proof that the Crichton debate is still a live issue.

Despite cross-party support to keep Glasgow University at Crichton, an impasse has occurred where the relatively small amount of funding required (£900,000) can not be given to Glasgow University because of concerns about institutional autonomy.

However, in the letter Alastair Hunter says that keeping the University of Glasgow at Crichton is 'not about dictating provision', because it will still be for the university to decide on the course and subjects offered.

Dr Hunter says in the letter: 'We are sure that a new executive can find a way round this procedural matter that does not impinge on the provisions in the Further and Higher Education (Scotland) Act 2005.'

In the recent election campaign Alex Salmond said, if elected, he would bring together the various existing stakeholders in the future of Crichton and a high-skill south-west – including Glasgow University – and ask them to provide a deliberate action plan within six months to boost higher and further education in the area.
Last updated: 14 December 2015