All out for USS

It's not too late! Universities UK can still commit to meaningful negotiations over pensions and end the strike action.

Conference archive

Information from UCU annual conferences from the past five years, including the main Congress meeting and specially called sector conferences

Meeting of pre-92 USS branches: November 2017

The higher education committee resolved that a special sector conference and a meeting of pre-92 USS branches will take place on Thursday 9 November.

UCU Congress 2017

Information on UCU's 2017 annual congress & sector conferences held at the Brighton Centre in Brighton from Saturday 27 May - Monday 29 May 2017.

UCU Congress 2016

Information on UCU's 2016 annual congress and sector conference meetings held in Liverpool from 1-3 June 2016.

Special HE sector conference

Cancelled due to an insufficient number of delegates registering by the deadline to enable the conference to be quorate.

Special FE sector conference - pay and bargaining: April 2015

Special FE sector conference called for 18 April 2015: please note that there was an insufficient number of registered delegates present on the day to enable the conference to be quorate. Therefore the conference was unable to open and no business was conducted.

Pre-92 HE USS conference

Decision-making conference called for 24 February 2015.

UCU Congress 2015

UCU Congress 2015, held at the Scottish Exhibition Conference Centre, Glasgow on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 May 2015.

Special FE sector conference - decisions in relation to the 2014-15 pay offer ballot: December 2014

Special FE sector conference to review decisions in relation to the industrial action ballot on the 2014-15 pay offer and implementing collective bargaining strategy, 13 December 2014.