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UCU Scotland says call for university fees is out of touch

28 October 2009

UCU today said that Sir Andrew Cubie's call for greater student contributions to the cost of university education was out of touch with the rest of the political consensus in Scotland.

The union said it was pleased that the Scottish government had made such a clear statement that it had 'no plans to re-introduce graduate contributions or tuition fees'', but welcomed calls for a full and frank review of how Scottish universities are funded.
UCU Scotland official, Mary Senior, said: 'While we would welcome a comprehensive review of higher education in Scotland, we are very clear that tuition fees, and other student or graduate contributions, place prohibitive barriers that put so many potential students off considering higher education.
'The evidence from south of the border shows that asking people to pay huge sums or acquire massive debts is not the best way to encourage them to go to university. There is no political consensus in Scotland for the introduction of tuition fees and we are pleased the government has clearly ruled out that possibility.'
Last updated: 11 December 2015