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FE England pay ballot opens

11 December 2009

The ballot of FE college members is now open on whether to take an escalating programme of strike action to achieve an improvement on the 1.5% increase offered on pay this year.

UCU head of FE, Barry Lovejoy, said: 'Members are being urged to vote yes for action which would start with a one day strike on 26 January when a parliamentary lobby is to be organised, and escalate to two and three days of strike in subsequent weeks if employers make no improved offer.'

More information why you should vote yes can be found at FE pay in England.

Members should ensure they return their ballot papers  to arrive by noon 11 January 2010. Anyone not receiving a ballot paper by 17 December should email David Bussell giving your name, place of work and home address.

Last updated: 11 December 2015