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Staff and students from across Scotland to protest against education funding cuts in London

10 November 2010 | last updated: 11 December 2015

Staff and students from across Scotland will take to the streets of London to protest against cuts to education funding and higher student fees.

The UCU and the National Union of Students are organising the mass demonstration in the wake of huge cuts to colleges and universities and the government's plans to raise university tuition fees and charge students more interest on that debt.

The payment system for student loans is a UK wide system so Scottish graduates could also have a higher rate of interest on student loan debt and the increase in the repayment threshold to £21,000 could take tens of millions out of the student support budget for Scottish student support. Further any Scottish student studying in England will have to pay fees of up to £9,000. The changes in the UK have increased calls for a graduate contribution in Scotland.

UCU Scottish official, Mary Senior, said: "Most of the UK government proposals are not only unworkable but also totally at odds with the Scottish education ethos. It is essential for the future of our system that we look beyond ways to squeeze money out of students. Hence we are supporting our English colleagues in their fight against the Westminster proposals."

"The rest of the world is investing in education and we are calling on the Scottish Government to continue to fund our universities. Wednesday is another step in our campaign against cuts to education and the fight for an education system that is fair and progressive."

Liam Burns, NUS Scotland President said: "Over a thousand students and lecturers from Scotland will be marching against increasing fees to outrageous levels. Saddling students with up to £40,000 in student loan debt can only put the poorest students off from going to university, or even from ever applying, which would be a tragedy for our society and a wrecking ball to our economy.

"The impacts in Scotland will be huge. Increased fees will force Scottish students studying in England into crippling levels of debt and will fuel calls for English students studying in Scotland to pay much higher fees.

"The level of spending cuts may be out with the control of the Scottish Government but where they wield the axe is not. The Scottish Budget later this month must improve student support and protect places. We must continue to fund our students, colleges and universities in the fairest possible way, avoiding the decimation of higher education we are witnessing in the rest of the UK."