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Government betraying entire generation of young people

29 January 2011 | last updated: 11 December 2015

The general secretary of UCU will today tell protestors at a Manchester demonstration that the government is betraying an entire generation of young people through its swingeing cuts to education, jobs and the public services.

In a scathing attack on the coalition's economic policy, Sally Hunt will slam ministers for prioritising billions of pounds in tax breaks for business as they triple the cost of university and axe funding for college students and help for the unemployed.
She will tell students, teachers and trade unionists at the city centre rally that the government's agenda is ideologically driven and will punish the poorest and most vulnerable in society.

"Our young people deserve better. They have every right to feel cynical and let down. They have been failed again and again by politicians"

Speaking about the how the government's cuts will impact on young people, Sally Hunt will say: 'From sacking lollipop ladies and closing youth clubs to axing college grants and trebling tuition fees this is a government at war with our young people and therefore at war with our future. It is betraying an entire generation.
'Our young people deserve better. They have every right to feel cynical and let down. They have been failed again and again by politicians who promised before the election to vote against a rise in fees and to keep college grants. It is not right that the next generation is being asked to pay the price for a financial crisis they didn't create.'
Turning her ire to George Osborne's economic plans, Sally Hunt will say: 'How can we take seriously a chancellor who told us five years ago that we should learn from Ireland? A man who told us that its low level of corporation tax was a shining example of the art of long-term economic policymaking?
'I don't see hordes of investors flocking to Ireland. I see an economy in serious trouble and a government that has more fans in Downing Street than it does amongst its own people. Ireland is suffering now because low-tax economies do not have the resources to pay for investment in infrastructure, transport and above all education - key factors that actually attract foreign investment in the first place.'
Speaking about the need to defend education and public services, Sally Hunt will say: 'A united front across the country is so important as the government's ideological attacks start to bite. This government can talk all it likes about us all being in this together but their actions tell a very different story.
'The government is pursuing an agenda that will punish the poorest and most vulnerable in our society. An agenda that will ensure that only the wealthiest reap the benefits.'
The protesters will gather outside Manchester Museum at 10.30 on Saturday 29 January and march to Platts Field Park for a rally starting at 1pm where Sally Hunt will speak at approximately 2pm.