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Union slams Newcastle College over 170 job cuts

2 February 2011

UCU today slammed the decision by Newcastle College to axe 120 teaching jobs at its main college site. The college have presented the union with plans for over 170 redundancies of which over three-quarters are teaching posts.

The union has accused senior management of 'jumping the gun' and of using the current funding difficulties in further education as an excuse to make cuts. UCU said the plans would have a devastating effect on the local economy which has seen a large increase in unemployment and make it harder for the region to recover from the recession.
UCU regional official Iain Owens said: 'Workers in the north east are losing their jobs daily. Now Newcastle College has decided to make redundant the very people whose job it is to retrain the unemployed and help rebuild the economy.
'We are not blind to the troubles facing the further education sector and realise that there will have to be difficult decisions made. What we do not, and will not accept is the college jumping the gun and using funding cuts to unnecessarily sack staff or hold a gun to the heads of staff who fear for their livelihoods.'
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