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London Metropolitan head asked to change plans, after new evidence shows he can reverse cuts

3 June 2011

UCU questioned claims by London Metropolitan University (LMU) that it cannot halt its plans to cut 70% of courses, after evidence from the Office of Fair Access (OFFA) showed the institution can change its proposals.

Staff have been told the cuts have to go ahead because the access agreement signed between LMU and OFFA prevents any changes.

However, OFFA has confirmed to the union that they 'recognise that the financial predictions that institutions make may be subject to change' and that they provided this information in the guidance submitted to all institutions.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, today wrote to LMU vice-chancellor, Malcolm Gillies, asking for urgent clarification on the issue, and for the university to rethink its current proposals.

The news comes as UCU members at LMU are being balloted for industrial action over the changes, that will see huge cuts to arts, humanities, social sciences and law.

In her letter to Malcolm Gillies, Sally Hunt, writes: 'It seems clear to me that OFFA provides no barrier to any university, including London Metropolitan University, altering its portfolio of course provision and I would be grateful for acknowledgement from yourself that this is also your understanding too.

'This will clear the way for London Met to look again at the current proposals and open discussions with the trade unions and the academic community about an alternative way forward for the university.'

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