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UCU welcomes report highlighting universities' value to society

15 June 2011

UK universities add at least £1.31 billion a year in value to UK society in the form of health and well-being, citizenship and political engagement, according to a report released today by the new economics foundation and Universities UK. Responding to the report, UCU said the government had to reconsider drastic cuts to higher education.

The union said that the best way to advance social mobility was to invest in education and people's life chances. UCU backed the report's recommendations that the government should take account of the social contributions made by higher education and value them accordingly.
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Higher education has been hit particularly hard by the government's brutal cuts agenda. This report is a timely reminder that as well as universities' obvious benefits to the economy, they also do much more that has not always been easily measurable.
'The government can talk all it likes about social mobility, but this report highlights once again that investment in education is key if people are to be given the best chance to get on in life.'

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