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UCU response to fee level announced by Glasgow University

29 September 2011

UCU Scotland responds to the announcement by University of Glasgow to charge £6,750 annual fees for students from the rest of the UK

The University has said they will charge £6,750 annual fees and give a £1000 fee waiver to all new first year entrants from the rest of the UK. However, all clinical students will be charged £9000 annually in line with other institutions.

UCU is opposed to these variable fees and would prefer no tuition fees. Given the Westminster funding regime, UCU has called for rest of UK fees to be cost neutral for institutions, avoiding the introduction of a market in rest of UK students. However, the University of Glasgow's decision is at least a step towards the First Minister's stated desire for 'a more moderate' approach from Scottish universities when setting their tuition fees.

UCU Scotland vice president, Dave Anderson, said: 'Given the position that Glasgow University has been placed in they have shown a level of restraint sadly lacking elsewhere in Scotland's universities. UCU Scotland believe that the introduction of a market for students from the rest of the UK will have a damaging effect on all students and calls on all institutions to set a fee level that is genuinely cost neutral and encourages participation based on ability to learn and not ability to pay.'

Last updated: 11 December 2015