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UCU comment on changes to university applications

31 October 2011

UCU said today (Monday) that the old one-size fits all approach to university applications is outdated and allows people most adept at navigating the system, rather than the brightest, to profit most when it comes to applying to university.

The union was commenting as the university admissions service UCAS launched its Admissions Process Review consultation looking at alternatives to the current university applications process, including a move to a system where students apply after receiving their A-levels.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: The old one-size fits all system does not work anymore and we clearly need a new system that allows the brightest brains, not just those best-equipped to navigate the outdated structures, the opportunity to fulfil their potential at university.

"The unfairly-maligned admissions tutors can only work with the tools they are given and we hope this report will move us towards a better and fairer system. We shall be consulting with our members who work in admissions.

"However, as last week's figures suggested, we must ensure that no one is put off applying to any course or university because of its cost or their fear of debt. As UCAS recognises, it is not possible to implement a post-results system without a significant change to curricula timetable and there needs to be proper consultation with staff in the sector, including those teaching and setting exams."

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