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27 universities ask to drop tuition fees after government shifts goalposts

7 November 2011

Twenty-seven universities and colleges have applied to reduce their fee levels. UCU said the moves by more than a fifth of English universities exposed the mess of the government's fees policy.

The revisions to fee levels come after universities had set their fee levels for 2012 and some students had already applied. The union warned that if the lower fees are approved then students may wish to reconsider their options in an effort to find a cheaper alternative. UCU added that as it won't be known until next month which universities are revising their fees that many students could be left in limbo.
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Leaving universities and students to scramble around trying to save a few quid here and there is no way to run a world-class university sector. The government's decision to move the goalposts on fee levels after it got its sums wrong exposes the mess it has made of university funding.
'Some universities may feel they have no option but to reduce their fee levels to try and compete for extra students and students will be wondering if there is now a cheaper option on the market for them.'

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