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Scotland will have UK's most expensive degrees

4 November 2011

UCU anger as Scottish government ploughs ahead with plans for £36,000 courses

UCU Scotland today said it was angry that the Scottish government was ploughing ahead with plans to allow universities to charge students from the rest of the UK £9,000 a year tuition fees.
The first minister said recently that he wanted a 'moderate' approach from Scottish universities when setting their tuition fees. However, the average Scottish degree will cost £27,364 and courses at Edinburgh and St Andrews will charge £36,000 for four years' tuition. Similar degrees in England will cost £27,000 and be run over three years.
UCU Scotland official, Mary Senior, said: 'Anyone who does not think higher fees will impact on Scottish universities' ability to attract the best, not just the wealthiest, students from across the UK is seriously misguided. Not only do we have the unenviable record of having the most expensive degrees, there is also no requirement to provide financial support for the poorest students as there is elsewhere in the UK.
'The first minister's call for a moderate approach from universities when setting fees has clearly been ignored.'
Last updated: 11 December 2015