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Average fee falls just 0.5% in tuition fee shake-up

2 December 2011

Student bursaries and scholarships have been slashed by almost £14m as 25 universities and colleges have today had applications to reduce their tuition fees accepted.

Although fees will fall at a fifth of English universities for the 2012 academic year, the overall average fee fell by just £39 (0.46% - from £8,393 to £8,354). Students who started full-time courses in England this year were charged a maximum fee of £3,375.
UCU said the changes added further confusion for students at a time when applications have slumped by 13%. Students who had already applied for university in 2012 only have until 15 January to decide if they are still happy with their choices or if they could pursue a cheaper alternative.
UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'In the main universities that have cut their fees have also had to slash the bursaries they can offer potential students. So while students may be attracted to a cheaper course they will probably receive less financial support when they are at university.
'The fact that students who have already applied have just a month to make such important decisions exposes the utter shambles of the government's higher education policy. We now have a staggering situation where people have to work out if they can afford to study certain courses, rather than follow their dreams.'
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