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Lecturers' Union welcomes university funding allocations, but warns against two tier system.

21 December 2011

UCU Scotland welcomed the indicative funding allocations for universities for the next academic year 2012-13 as announced by the Scottish Funding Council (Wednesday 21 December). However, the union expressed concern at the move to concentrating research funding in certain institutions, and warned against being overly prescriptive on university outcomes.

UCU Scottish Official Mary Senior said:
'This is a good funding settlement for Scottish universities, and gives stability to the sector, so should bring an end to job cuts and insecurity for staff and students. It is fair that the Scottish Government expects certain standards to follow this generous settlement, but it must be very careful not to be overly prescriptive or directive about the learning, research and teaching that goes on in universities. Whilst the Education Secretary has been supportive of the concept of universities having the freedom to be challenging in what they do, UCU is concerned that the introduction of outcome agreements raises the prospect of too much political interference. '

Ms Senior added:

'UCU is also concerned at the way research funding is being concentrated on those institutions that have performed best in the past. There is a danger that this is going to create a two tier system in Scotland, where some universities are funded to do research and other are not. UCU is clear that research is really important to all universities, and is vital to inform teaching and learning in all universities.'

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