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General secretary tells TUC's rally government policy spreads ignorance not privilege

20 October 2012

The general secretary of UCU, Sally Hunt, today told marchers on the TUC-organised anti-austerity demo that government policies on education are spreading ignorance not privilege.

Speaking at the rally in Hyde Park, Sally Hunt criticised the government for spending more on youth unemployment than on further education and condemn the axing of college grants, the introduction of loans to cover college courses and the tripling of university fees.
Sally Hunt said: 'David Cameron says he wants to spread privilege, but the only thing his education policies spreads are ignorance. Only a government that is going in the wrong direction would be spending more on youth unemployment than on further education.
'Only a government which believes in education for the few would make the UK the most expensive place to go to a public. Only a government that has lost touch with reality would claim that the best way out of recession is to cut public services for the poor to pay for tax cuts for the rich.
'You judge a society on how it looks after those who most need help. This government is denying people opportunities to get jobs or education and then portraying them as lazy and feckless. Long-term youth unemployment in England has increased by 23 per cent since this government came to power. Yet government support for unemployed young people has fallen by 26 per cent.
'Grants have been withdrawn for the poorest college students. Young adults wanting to go back to college to study have to fund their courses through loans like in higher education and university fees have trebled.
'We need a society that is fair and just. A society where people do not simply know or accept their place. A society where there is opportunity for all.'

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