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UCU calls on Scottish government to go further on university governance

31 July 2014

UCU Scotland is calling on the Scottish government to bring in stronger rules to improve universities' governance. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of a code of governance coming into effect and the deadline universities were given to implement the changes the code required of them.

The union says that there is unfinished business to further improve how universities are run and to ensure better accountability and transparency at the top level of decision making.
The code of good governance was put together by chairs of university governing bodies, assisted by some retired university managers. At the time UCU criticised it as a code 'written for managers by managers', and expressed concerns that it would not make much difference to the way that universities operate.     
The union still has questions about how big decisions are made in universities, and believes that greater accountability and transparency will lead to better outcomes for students and education generally. UCU wants to see students and staff given a place at the top table to ensure better scrutiny of key decisions.
UCU Scotland President, David Anderson, said: 'UCU Scotland will be closely monitoring the difference that the code, which formally comes into effect tomorrow, will make. We will continue to campaign to give more say to staff and student governors on issues such as principals' pay, for better gender balance on governing bodies, and for more democracy within governing bodies. We are urging the Scottish Government to bring forward new legislation to do this.'

Last updated: 10 December 2015