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Young people's perceptions about post-18 education and training options

7 January 2015

A report by UCU exploring young people's views about their education and training options, based on a poll of over 2000 students.

Based on polling carried out by ComRes, this report looks at young people's perceptions and aspirations in relation to post-school education and training.

The polling identified distinct differences in the aspirations of young men and women, and distinctions were also apparent between those of different social classes and those attending state and private schools. Cost, diminished job prospects and poor advice and guidance were also identified as key reasons why many of the young people surveyed do not aspire to enter higher education.

The report is accompanied by expert analysis and commentary from Dr Neil Raven, Loughborough University; Professor Penny Jane Burke, Roehampton University; Ed Foster, Nottingham Trent University and Ruth Woodfield, University of St Andrews.

Young people's perceptions of post-18 education and training options [4mb]

Young people's perceptions of post-18 education and training options- commentaries [963kb]

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