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UCU and NCG sign important partnership agreement

8 December 2015

UCU and NCG (formerly the Newcastle College Group) have signed an important partnership agreement which heralds the start of a stronger working relationship between the two organisations.

The new partnership will see UCU and NCG work together to negotiate, consult and discuss on all matters relating to terms and conditions of employment and related staffing issues.

Both parties have worked hard to improve relations over the past few years and UCU has been involved in several key projects, including the development of NCG's purpose, strategy and organisation values.

There is also a joint commitment to organisational success, the sharing of information, openness and transparency, and improving the quality of working life. 

NCG chief executive, Joe Docherty and UCU regional official Iain Owens officially signed the partnership at a signing at NCG's Rye Hill House recently.

Iain Owens, regional official for UCU said: 'We are committed to the shared goal of working together constructively for the benefit of all employees of NCG. We are pleased by the organisation's commitment to openness and transparency, respectfulness and collaboration, and believe they are the values needed to underpin a successful working relationship.'

Joe Docherty said: 'Strong, trusting relationships between employers and employees are a common feature of outstanding organisations, and we see a constructive and respectful relationship with UCU helping us towards our goal to become a great place to work.

'We have worked hard to forge stronger, closer working relationships with UCU and other trade unions. This agreement sets out the respect we have for each other's roles and responsibilities and the collaborative approach that we have taken in shaping the future of NCG for staff and customers.

'There will no doubt be times when we agree to disagree however we will always aspire to be open, honest and transparent and commit to work with, and learn from, each other in a positive and constructive manner for the benefit of all concerned.'

Last updated: 14 December 2015