Job cuts at Robert Gordon University will threaten teaching quality

25 February 2016

UCU has warned that cutting staff numbers at Robert Gordon University will threaten teaching quality and undermine efforts to recruit more students.

The union was responding to the university's announcement that it will seek to cut staff costs by £4 million as part of a restructure, while also seeking to make £2 million savings from other operational costs. UCU estimates that this could affect up to 100 staff. The university has said it will offer a voluntary redundancy scheme, but has not ruled out compulsory redundancies should it fail to make sufficient savings.
The university cites a reduction in public funding and the impact of falling oil prices on commercial interests and international student recruitment as the reason for its decision, but UCU says that keeping expert staff should be the university's top priority if it wishes to maintain high-quality teaching and research.
UCU Scotland Official, Mary Senior, said: '£4 million of staffing cuts is a devastating blow for the dedicated staff who work to deliver world-class education at Robert Gordon University. It will lead to a huge loss of expertise, undermining efforts to improve quality and attract more students in the future.  
'The university needs to recognise that hard-working staff are the backbone of any successful university and rethink its plans. UCU will be happy to work with the university to identify further savings in other areas instead of looking to cut staff numbers.'


Last updated: 25 February 2016