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UCU responds to Ofsted annual report

1 December 2016 | last updated: 2 December 2016

Responding to the Ofsted annual report for further education and skills, published today, UCU said the report was right to question the effectiveness of the current area reviews taking place in post-16 education and the suitability of the GCSE resit policy for English and maths.

UCU general secretary, Sally Hunt, said: 'Further education colleges continue to provide a great education to students across the country.

'The report is right to question the scope and effectiveness of area reviews in improving local education for students. We know that some recommendations are already being rejected, which suggests the exercise has been a significant waste of time and resources in some areas. Lessons need to be learnt to ensure that these mistakes are not repeated in ongoing reviews.

'We also share the report's concerns about the GCSE resit policy for English and maths. Colleges cater for many of the students who struggle most in these subjects, and repeated resits can be extremely demotivating for students. The government should heed these concerns and consider alternatives this unhelpful policy.'