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Teesside University tells professors to reapply for jobs

7 July 2017

Teesside University is under fire for 'bizarre' plans to make all its professors reapply for their jobs over the summer.

UCU said the university has not explained the rationale behind its decision, nor why it decided to drop the bombshell as the 27 members of staff were about to start preparing for a summer break and the new academic year.

The university says it wants to interview all staff by the end of next month and they must justify their recent personal research and funding bids. They will also be subjected to an interview by a panel.

Bizarrely, Teesside University says its summertime assessments have nothing to do with saving money and is offering any staff that do not wish to take part in its strange performance audit a severance package of nine months' salary.

UCU said the university is rightly proud about the internationally recognised research staff carry out and warned that this process is likely to damage the morale of its staff, its reputation and the likelihood of being able to attract leading researchers in the future.

UCU regional official, Jon Bryan, said: 'There is no reason whatsoever for this bizarre summer audit of professors. As term draws to a close staff will be taking stock of their research and making preparations for the new academic year. They shouldn't be hauled in to some make or break assessment exercise.

'The last thing staff need at the moment is fears about job security. The proposals are also bad news for research students who now don't know if they'll have the same supervisor when they return in September. This process will do nothing for the university's reputation at home or abroad, and risks turning staff and students off from considering Teesside in the future.

'We are asking for the university to call a halt to this process and to postpone this until the autumn term so that staff and the trade union can engage in meaningful consultation with the university over their proposals.'


Last updated: 7 July 2017