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UCU comment on Toby Young appointment to the Office for Students board

4 January 2018

UCU has criticised the government's decision to appoint Toby Young as a member of the board of the new higher education regulator, the Office for Students.

UCU general secretary Sally Hunt said: 'If this organisation was to have any credibility it needed a robust board looking out for students' interests. Instead we have this announcement sneaked out at New Year with Tory cheerleader Toby Young dressed up as the voice of teachers.

'Toby Young's offensive and puerile comments on a wide range of subjects highlight his unsuitability for a position on this board. They also prompt serious questions about the process of how the board was selected. Students need people who will fight their corner. It is ridiculous that there is no proper representation of staff or students on a board that found room for the likes of Toby Young.'