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Post-qualification application: a student-centred model

14 January 2019

A proposed model for a post-qualification application (PQA) system whereby students apply to university after they have received their Level 3 qualifications

Higher education admissions have increased in complexity in recent decades as the number of students entering higher education has risen and their backgrounds have become more diverse.

A higher education admissions system should be more than a cycle. It should be a set of support structures that enables students to make decisions about their higher education course and institution. It begins well before any application is made and includes preparation for as well as induction to higher education study.

This report describes a student-centred higher education admissions system which enables students to make the best decisions possible about their higher education destinations.

UCU has been campaigning for such a system since 2015.

Post-qualification application: a student-centred model, Jan 19 [164kb]

Last updated: 20 January 2022