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UCU comment on resignation of De Montfort University vice-chancellor

11 February 2019

​Following the resignation of the vice-chancellor of De Montfort University Dominic Shellard, UCU has called for a shake-up of governance at universities.

There had been much speculation about his position in recent days - with the university last week refusing to confirm or deny if he was still in charge - as well as confusion over when the chair of the board of governors resigned.

The union said the Office for Students had to set out how it will monitor the pay, perks and governance of senior staff. The regulator is due to release a report tomorrow (Tuesday).

De Montfort University used exemptions to avoid answering questions from UCU on the vice-chancellor's expenses earlier this year. Dominic Shellard's salary went up by £64,000 (22%) from £286,000 in 2016/17 to £350,000 in 2017/18.

Although not a member of the remuneration committee that sets his salary, Dominic Shellard was allowed to attend its meetings. The university refused to send UCU a copy of the remuneration committee's minutes.

UCU head of policy Matt Waddup said: 'The confusion coming from De Montfort in the past few days has done nothing for the reputation of universities already under fire for their governance. The Office for Students needs to set out guidance which actually has some teeth if staff, students and the wider public are to have faith in how our institutions are being run.'

Last updated: 11 February 2019