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How does UCU work for its members?

People who work in post-school education have never been under so much pressure. Staff numbers drop as student numbers rise - often with no matching increase in funding. For many people, salaries are simply failing to keep pace with those of comparable staff elsewhere in education. And as most people spend the majority of their lives at work, it pays to be in a union that ensures your pay and conditions are protected and improved, and that you are treated with respect in the workplace.

UCU campaigns and negotiates for tangible results. We make real progress on many issues including improving pay, implementing equality policies, protecting part-time, fixed-term and hourly paid staff, tackling safety issues, and much more.

Defending and advancing your employment and professional interests, both nationally and locally, is what UCU does best. Post-school education is changing fast, and you need a union behind you that understands the changes and knows how to deal them. Our job is to ensure that your commitment and professionalism are valued and recognised – and the more people there are in the union, the more UCU can achieve.
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