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How can UCU help and support me as a health educator?

As a member of UCU you will be backed by the professional expertise of the largest union for lecturers in Britain. We are the only union recognised by the higher education employers to represent the interests of health educators at national level.

You will have access to the full range of UCU membership benefits and advice on education and professional matters, including free copies of the union's member magazine. You can also take part in the activities of the union at local, regional and national level, including special events designed for our health educator members.

UCU knows that, coming from the NHS, health educators can have a different approach and way of working from their academic colleagues. With more health educators becoming UCU members we are spreading information about health education throughout the union - through training programmes for branch activists, articles in our magazine, UC, and our campaigning work and negotiations with the employers.

We recognise that the NHS ethos is very strong for health educators, and that should be understood by your UCU colleagues. At the same time, UCU wants to see health educators as full and equal members of the academic community, including in the union too.

UCU has an active health educators' network.

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