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Can hourly paid or part-time staff join UCU?

Membership of UCU is not determined by the number of hours you work or the type of contract you have: many of our members work on a part-time or hourly-paid basis. We make allowances in our national subscription rates for any member whose salary is likely to be lower than their national full-time colleagues.

If you work at more than one institution the level of your UCU subscription is determined by adding together all the part-time income from different institutions.    

When you join, we will need your work contact details at just one institution, which will generally be the one where you work most. This will determine the branch or local association to which you belong.    

Once you have joined, the branches/local associations at the other places you work should then be told that you are a member at another institution. But you can ask to be added to their local mailing lists so that you are kept informed about the issues relevant to all the places you work.    

Please contact UCU's national membership department if you need further advice or information.

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