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Covid-19 (coronavirus):
UCU has produced advice for members. Read the latest UCU operational note here.  Find more information and updates here.

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Can students or postgraduates join?

Yes. There are two membership options available but both are free while you complete your studies or for up to four years if you are also employed in teaching or research.

  1. UCU's 'student membership' category is open to students training to teach in post-school education, including PGCE students. If you are a postgraduate student at a university or HE college and are planning a career in higher education (but are not an employed postgraduate student) you are also eligible for student membership. This category of membership is free while you complete your studies.
  2. If you are an employed postgraduate who is providing or supporting education, training or research, we offer free membership for up to four years. You should apply for standard UCU membership to activate the free membership option. Future subscriptions will be based on your earnings with reduced rates for those on lower incomes.
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